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It’s something we’ve generally limited here on the Auto Assembly website but we want to change all that and with YOUR help. We want to reach out to publishers, creators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, artists, writers, toy companies… absolutely anyone involved in the development of anything transformers related as we’d love to cover your work and upcoming products here on the site.

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“Shadows rising” represents the first new Transformers game in years

From the earliest days of the Commodore 64 back in the 1980s, computer and video games have been an essential part of the Transformers world. The forthcoming release of the live action Bumblebee spin off has brought the welcome news that it will be accompanied by an all new video game. However, this is not something you are likely to be able to download to your phone or play on your PC – at least, not initially.

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Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep04 Transport to Oblivion


The episode opens with a narrated recap about how our heroes ended up on earth. As this happens, we see Cliffjumper come out of the ark and mistake a rock formation for a Decepticon, highlighting the Autobots ongoing anxieties over the threat of their enemies. Ironhide, Cliffjumper and Prime debate whether or not the Decepticons are gone for good.
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Bumblebee Movie First Trailer Released

In advance of the upcoming live action Bumblebee spin-off movie set to hit cinemas this December, Paramount have released the first teaser trailer.

The movie is a prequel to the five existing Michael Bay films and is set 20 years before the original films in 1987 with a lone Bumblebee hiding on Earth disguised in a form familiar to G1 fans everywhere…

Starring John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld and directed by Travis Knight the film is set for release in December 2018.

The Changing Shape Of Transformers Video Games

Transformers gaming has changed dramatically over the years. Since the release of the first game from Ocean Software in 1985 for the Commodore 64 and Spectrum, we’ve seen a diverse range of titles release for almost every contemporary platform of that era. While the games themselves have changed with the times, often being limited to genres that were technically feasible (and more often than not relatively easy to develop) based on the available hardware growing available, games based on the Transformers franchise grew as hardware progressed steadily.

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Episode Review: Beast Wars S01 Ep04 “Equal Measures”

Years ago, when I first watched this episode of Beast Wars, I still had no interest in Transformers at all. I had been bought – and given away – a solitary toy, watched most of G1 during school holidays as a teenager but didn’t feel any real connection to it so Beast Wars really had a lot to prove and had a lot of work to convince me that any Transformers series was worth watching. Having enjoyed the series to that point, I was still eager to see what was coming…

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Will The Transformers Franchise Join The VR World?

It seems as if everyone is jumping on the VR bandwagon. With Sony’s PlayStation VR becoming a runaway success, most mobile platforms having VR software available for them, and an increasing number of PC games supporting one or more of the popular VR systems it seems only natural that Transformers will become the latest in a long line of franchises to add a VR product to its brand.

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The More Traditional Side Of Transformers Gaming

It doesn’t matter what aspect of Transformers drew us into the franchise – whether it was the toys as a child growing up, the comics, the movies or the television shows (in my case in particular Beast Wars) – it feels as if there’s a constant need from Hasbro to ensure that the brand is profitable beyond those core product lines. It almost feels as if those aren’t enough to keep Hasbro content and that we they are always looking for a never ending number of avenues in which they can make money from their loyal and often eager fanbase ready to lap up every piece of merchandise presented before them…

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Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep03 “More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3”

“Prime, can you hear me?”

More Than Meets the Eye Part Three concludes the introduction to the epic war between the Transformers. When we left our heroes in part two, Prime was left tumbling down the mountainside by an explosion after he had sent his counterpart Roller into the mine to see what had happened to Sparkplug and Bumblebee, who had planted the bomb to stop the Decepticons.  The Autobots tend to Prime, and as it turns out he’s ok, apart from some difficulty transforming. Roller also appears unscathed and the Autobots dig through the mine rubble to find their friends. The Autobots plan to resume their search for the resources they need to return home, but are startled to see the Decepticons blast their way out of the mine. Frustrated by this, Ironhide sets of in pursuit, supported by Bluestreak. A battle ensues and Ironhide is injured, which leads Prime to give him some words of wisdom before they return to base.

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Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep02 “More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2”

“There’re two things I really hate Brawn…….fire and water……”

More Than Meets the Eye Part Two continues the introduction to the epic war between the Transformers. As we re-join the action, the Autobots and humans from the oil rig are floating in the water, some of them trapped as the oil rig burns. The Autobots set about rescuing each other and the humans, which gives us an opportunity to see some of their special talents, such as Trailbreaker’s ability to create force shields, and Jazz’s handy grappling hook type tool. The Autobots introduce themselves to the humans, two in particular-Spike Witwicky and his father Sparkplug. It is decided that it’s a good idea for Spike and Sparkplug to accompany the Autobots, as they can assist them with their knowledge of earth.

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